Welcome to Probable Futures Consulting.We provide a fresh approach to solving challenges and uncovering opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.Our unique team, whom we fondly refer to as Perceptioneers, are certified experts in Extended Reality (XR), a fascinating tool that enables us to delve into various scenarios across different timelines—past, present, and future.We extend our expertise to individuals, companies, and educational institutions, offering a new perspective to find solutions and gather insights.Whether it's brainstorming a new project idea, resolving a complex issue, or planning ahead, we explore different timelines to provide valuable information that can aid in your decision-making process.Our mission is to help you see the bigger picture and make informed decisions that can steer your journey towards a brighter future.With a clearer understanding of potential outcomes, you’re better equipped to make choices that align with your goals, whether personal or professional.


Extended Reality (XR) opens up a world of possibilities, allowing us to explore different scenarios and outcomes. It's a tool that helps us see what could happen based on various decisions.And the good news?You can learn the basics of XR for free at Probable Futures Consulting, we use XR to look into different timelines. (Past, Present, or Future) - It's a way to explore different routes before deciding which path to take.Whether it's a business decision or a personal one, having this extra insight can be very helpful.We invite you to dive into the world of XR with us and explore the potential it holds and how it can provide a clearer picture when facing decisions.It’s about making the unseen seen, and discovering a new angle to approach challenges and opportunities.With XR, we’re not just guessing; we’re exploring probable futures together.Your journey towards better-informed decisions starts here.Through our services, embrace the chance to look beyond the obvious, and uncover a realm of new possibilities.


In business, making the right decision is crucial.At Probable Futures Consulting, we offer a service called Business Solutions Exploration to help you see your choices more clearly.Using Extended Reality (XR), our team explores different scenarios based on your business decisions.Whether it’s launching a new product, expanding to a new market, or improving operations, we look at various timelines to provide insights to guide your strategy.Our aim is to help you understand the potential outcomes of your decisions. This way, you can make choices with more confidence, backed by a better understanding of possible scenarios.We are here to support you as you navigate through your business decisions, offering fresh insights to help lead the way.Our service provides a clearer picture, helping you plan your next steps.Examples of how our service can assist your business:- Product Launch:Exploring potential outcomes to help you strategize the launch of a new product.- Market ExpansionLooking at possible scenarios to guide your expansion into new markets.- Operational Efficiency:Providing insights to help improve your operations and reduce costs.- Competitor Analysis:Exploring how different strategies could position you against competitors.- Customer Engagement:Looking at ways to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.- Supply Chain Management:Providing insights to help optimize your supply chain processes.- Financial Planning:Exploring potential outcomes to guide your financial planning and budgeting.PRICING:Membership starts at $4,800 per year, providing a gateway to explore and navigate through your business decisions with more clarity.Interested in a Business Solutions Exploration?Send an email to to set up an online interview and discuss how we can assist you in navigating your business decisions.- ABOUT OUR MEMBERSHIP -Becoming a member at Probable Futures Consulting and/or Mindwerx is easy but selective. The first step is meeting online.In that meeting we will talk about your company's challenges and how we might be able to assist you. You will also be able to ask any questions you might have about our services, different memberships, etc.Assuming we are a fit, you then select your membership tier, sign some contacts and you're in!Our service is special, not for everyone.We keep our membership exclusive to make sure every member gets the attention they deserve.So, if you're ready to explore new solutions to tough problems, we're here to work together with you every step of the way.Your journey to better decisions starts with your membership.


Life is filled with decisions.At Probable Futures Consulting, we offer a service called Personal Solutions Exploration to help you see your choices in a new light.Our team can explore different scenarios based on your decisions.Whether it's a career change, buying a home, or starting a new relationship, we look at various timelines to give you insights that might not be obvious.Our goal is to help you understand what might happen with different choices. This way, you can make decisions with more confidence.We don’t tell you what to do; we just provide different perspectives to help you think things through.We are here to help as you navigate through life’s decisions, offering fresh insights to help guide your way.Our service provides a clearer picture, helping you think about your next steps.Examples of how our service can assist you:Career Advancement:Exploring potential scenarios to provide insight into the outcomes of various career decisions, aiding your strategic planning.Home Purchase:Examining different outcomes based on factors such as location, finance options, and market trends to inform your home buying decision.Educational Choices:Delving into the potential outcomes of different educational paths, aiding in making an informed choice for your long-term goals.Relationship Insights:Providing a new perspective on personal relationships, whether entering or exiting, to understand potential emotional and practical implications.Investment Decisions:Exploring the potential outcomes of various investment choices to help guide your financial planning.Entrepreneurial Ventures:Examining the possible scenarios surrounding starting a new business or expanding current operations.Relocation Considerations:Looking at the potential impacts and outcomes of relocating to a new area, aiding in your decision-making process.Pricing:
Our rate starts at $750 p/query
The complexity of the query could affect the cost, with more complex inquiries requiring a higher fee.Interested in a Personal Solutions Exploration?Send an email to to set up an online interview and discuss how we can assist you in navigating your decisions.


Welcome to MindWerx, the entertainment division of Probable Futures Consulting focused on igniting creativity and unlocking potential.In a competitive landscape, fresh, innovative thinking is your ally.MindWerx is here to provide the creative boost your projects and strategies need.We provide creative solutions, concept development, and “timeline exploration” services to a multitude of industries such as theme parks, Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), museums, and casinos.Our expertise also caters to individuals like writers and actors, or anyone seeking a fresh perspective on a challenge, problem, or business relationship.Our assistance covers a wide array of creative needs, from conceptualizing a name or plot for a book, creating a theme for a project, finding unique solutions to technological challenges, devising an engaging pitch for an important meeting, to designing a captivating sales kiosk.The range of possibilities is virtually endless.Here are some examples of how our service can assist Entertainment companies:- Concept Development for New Attractions: Crafting engaging and unique concepts for new attractions that captivate audiences and enhance guest experience.- Theme Ideation for Seasonal Events: Developing captivating themes for seasonal or special events to attract visitors and create memorable experiences.- Creative Solutions for Guest Experience Enhancement: Proposing innovative ideas to elevate guest satisfaction and encourage repeat visits.- Innovative Approaches to Operational Efficiency: Identifying creative strategies to streamline operations while maintaining a high level of service.- Design Ideas for Interactive Exhibits: Conceptualizing interactive exhibits that educate and entertain, enhancing the visitor experience.- Storyline Development for Themed Areas: Crafting compelling storylines that bring themed areas to life and engage visitors on a deeper level.- Out-of-the-Box Marketing Strategies: Developing unique marketing strategies to promote your venue and events, driving attendance and engagement.- Creative Content Development for Shows and Performances: Creating engaging content for shows and performances that resonate with audiences.
- Some examples of how our service can assist Entertainment Professionals:
- Fresh Perspectives on Character Development: Providing new insights on character arcs and development, enriching storytelling.- Innovative Ideas for Script or Book Plots: Offering unique plot ideas to invigorate your script or book, captivating your audience.- Creative Consultation for Performance Enhancement: Suggesting novel approaches to enhance performance and connect with audiences.- Unique Angles for Project Pitches: Helping to craft compelling pitches that grab attention and interest from producers or publishers.- Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Portfolio Diversification: Proposing diverse project ideas to broaden your portfolio and reach.- Novel Approaches to Personal Branding: Offering creative strategies to define and promote your personal brand in the industry.- Creative Strategies for Networking and Collaboration: Suggesting effective ways to network and collaborate creatively within the industry.- Insightful Feedback on Creative Works: Providing constructive feedback to refine your creative works, enhancing their impact and appeal.ATTENTION:To gain access to our services a MEMBERSHIP is required.


The services provided by Probable Futures Consulting are intended to offer unique perspectives and insights based on scenario exploration through Extended Reality (XR).It's important to note that we do not provide advice of any kind, including but not limited to financial, legal, or any other form of advice.
The reports and insights generated through our services are meant to serve as additional resources for your decision-making process.
The responsibility for any actions taken based on our reports, insights, or services provided rests solely with the client.We urge our clients to consider our insights as one of many resources and to seek professional advice for any decisions relating to legal, financial, or other serious matters.


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Welcome to Probable Futures ConsultingStep into a world where the future is not a mystery but filled with possibilities.At Probable Futures Consulting, we specialize in harnessing the power of XR to tackle challenges that traditional methods can't solve.While our operations are rooted in Canada, we are open to engaging with clients from around the globe.Our Services///Sparking Creativity with MindWerx Perceptioneering///In the busy world of entertainment, a fresh perspective can lead to the next big idea.Our division, MindWerx Perceptioneering, is dedicated to providing creative consulting to writers, producers, directors, and others in the industry. Whether it's crafting a compelling narrative for a movie or choosing a resonating title for a book, we're here to fuel your creativity.Our core offering is information; insights that are elusive yet invaluable. Through XR, we explore past, present, and potential future scenarios to deliver a comprehensive understanding that empowers informed decision-making.///Membership: Your Gateway to Exclusive Insights///Membership at Probable Futures Consulting is more than just a subscription; it's an invitation to a distinctive club where each member is valued. We operate on a membership basis to ensure a high-quality, personalized experience.Here’s how it works and why it benefits you:- Personalized Attention: Our selective membership model ensures that each member receives the undivided attention they deserve. We take the time to understand your challenges and provide different perspectives and potential solutions.- Exclusive Access: As a member, you gain access to unique insights unattainable elsewhere. Our Perceptioneers delve into various timelines, fetching information that empowers you to make well-informed decisions.- Global Community: Our membership spans across the globe, welcoming individuals and companies keen on discovering new perspectives and solutions.- Easy Start: The process begins with an online meeting to discuss your challenges and how we can assist.Once we ascertain a fit, you select your membership tier, sign the necessary documents, and your journey towards discovering unparalleled insights starts.Membership Levels:
LEVEL 1: $4,800 per year ($400 p/month, billed yearly)
LEVEL 2: $7,200 per year ($600 p/month, billed yearly)LEVEL 3: $12,500 per year ($1,041 p/month, billed yearly)LEVEL 4: $25,000 per year ($2,083 p/month, billed yearly)Further tiers and details are shared during our introductory meeting.Membership at Probable Futures Consulting is not just about receiving a service, but about being part of a community that values information, creativity, and the potential of what lies ahead.With us, you’re not just facing the future; you’re engaging with it, armed with insights that place you a step ahead.Disclaimer:
Our services aim to provide unique insights through XR scenario exploration. However, it's important to note that we do not provide financial, legal, or other forms of advice. Our insights serve as additional resources for your decision-making process.